Contact the Kinetics Foundation to discuss using objective measures in your clinical trial and to obtain detailed information on the Objective Motor Measurement System, including a pre-publication white paper.

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Phone: (650) 523-1310


What does OPDM stand for?
Objective Parkinson’s Disease Measurement

What’s the difference between a Rating Scale and a Measurement System?
Rating scales are used by a physician to rate a patient (e.g. “rate the patient’s hand tremor on a scale from 1-4”). A Measurement System actually collects quantitative data that is used to measure the patient’s symptoms.

What makes this system Objective?
Rather than have a human rate the patient, with whatever subjective biases the human might bring with him or her (e.g. that the patient recently underwent a medical procedure, patient’s expected disease progression, etc.), these devices make objective measurements.

How do you know the OPDM System measures Parkinson’s Disease?
The OPDM System has been developed and validated using the same clinimetric criteria used to evaluate new rating scales. These criteria include measures of how well it can distinguish the behavior of people with and without PD, how well it correlates with legacy rating scales, test-retest repeatability, and responsiveness to a range of known therapies including dopamine, deep brain stimulation, and exercise.

It was constructed with the consultation of some of the best known PD researchers in the field, who were asked to theorize on the best measurements of PD. Many other tests were initially included, however it was empirically determined that many of these tests did not correlate well to Parkinsonisms. Only those tests that have proven to be relevant have been kept.  

In this process, components of the OPDM System have been used by over 200 patients at more than10 centers by over a dozen researchers. It has a superior ICC (Intraclass Correlation Coefficient) to rating scales, greater repeatability across operators, and improved sensitivity.

How much does it cost?
he OPDM-Mobility device is manufactured by APDM and starts at $9,000. The OPDM-Dexterity device is a limited run prototype that is available for select research programs; however, similar Dexterity devices are commercially available. Other devices, including smart phone based devices, are starting to enter the market as well.

How do I get it?
For the Mobility System, contact APDM at:
phone: (503) 446-4055

For Dexterity or smart phone based systems, contact Kinetics at:
phone: 650-523-1380

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An instrumented timed up and go test characterizes gait and postural transitions in untreated Parkinson’s disease, C. Zampieri, A. Salarian, P. Carlson-Kuhta, K. Aminian, J. G. Nutt, and F. B. Horak, Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry, vol. 81, issue 2, pp. 171-176, Feb. 2010

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